Can I recover a broken attachment?

It depends on the reason behind the broken attachment. Was the file/folder deleted, or was a folder disconnected from Team Files by a user?

The file/folder was deleted

If the attachment was deleted from the original storage, only restoring the file/folder on the storage can recover it.

If the file/folder was deleted by mistake, open your storage site and restore it. After that, the file/folder will be available in Team Files again.

The folder was disconnected

When a user disconnects a folder from Team Files, all attachments from that folder appear broken in your pages and issues.

What happened to the connected folder?

You can check the “Connected folder logs” to see what happened.

  • In Jira: open the Project settings > Apps > Team Files > Connected folder logs.

  • In Confluence: open the Space settings > App links > Team Files > Connected folder logs.

The logs show when a folder was changed and who did it.


Can I revert it?

If the folder was disconnected by mistake, it’s now possible to reconnect it in the first 30 days.

To recover a disconnect folder:

  • Open the file manager from the sidebar

  • Click “Connect folder.”

  • Open the place that contains the folder you need

  • Click the checkmark of the folder and click connect

All done! If you return to the page/issue and reload, the attachments are available again.

This also works if you need to reconnect the place.

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