Finding a SharePoint site manually

When you connect a SharePoint account to the Team Files app, you'll see a listing of all the sites you can access. The list might be too big and makes it hard to find the one you want, or the app might be unable to show any sites automatically, prompting a warning message.

We added the “Find site” feature to help you


Normal view

Warning view

  1. Click the "Find site” button or the “Find site manually" button if the app couldn’t find any sites. 

  2. Enter your SharePoint site address. 

    1. An easy way to get the link is to open the SharePoint site you want to connect to in a different tab or window. 

    2. Click the address bar and copy the entire link.

    3. Return to the tab or window with the site address prompt.

    4. Paste the link.

  3. Click the Find button.

The search takes a few seconds. When it's ready, you will see a listing of all the folders available for your site to connect to the one you want.

In case an error occurs during the search, please double-check the link and try again. If the problem persists, visit our support portal and send us a message. Our team is always happy to help.

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