Team Files settings on Jira Cloud

Adjust the Team Files app settings to your needs.

About the Team Files settings

The Team Files app settings are accessible from the file manager by clicking the context menu in the top right corner and then selecting the "Team Files settings" option.

Personal details

At the moment, it's only possible to check the name that the Atlassian apps send to the Team Files app. More options to come with future releases.

Manage your connected places

You can manage your connected places from the "Places" tab inside the Team File settings. You're in control of your storage places: only you can see the places you allowed, and you, and only you, can disconnect them.

Places tab:

List of your connected places.

  1. Context menu button

  2. Rename place option

  3. Disconnect place option

Rename a place

You can connect several accounts from the same service, and by default, we add a number at the end when you do it to differentiate them. To help you keep things organized, you can rename your places to something more meaningful to you.


  1. Click the context menu button (1) on the right side of the place you want to rename.

  2. Click the "Rename" option (2).

  3. Enter the new name and click save.

That's it. It just takes a few moments to update the name, and it's ready to use.

You can also rename and manage your places from the "Connect a Folder" dialog.


Disconnect a place 

Before getting into how to do it, it's relevant to know that you're only breaking the link in the Team Files app to the original storage when you disconnect a place. All your content is safe, but any folders you have connected from that place will also be disconnected. Consequently, files and folders that you or your team attached to Jira issues from the disconnected folders also lose the link to the original storage and become unavailable.

This action is undoable, and even if you connect the same place again, the old links will NOT work.


  1. Click the context menu button (1) on the right side of the place you want to disconnect.

  2. Click the "Disconnect" option (3).

  3. Confirm by clicking the "Disconnect" button.

Team Files Help

In the Help tab, you have a brief description of the app about the team that develops the app with links to learn more.

You also find the links to contact the support team and to this documentation.


On this page, you learned about all the settings available at the moment. As we introduce new features, we'll add additional settings so you can further customize your experience.

If you still have questions or require other settings, visit our support portal to send us your questions or feature requests. Our team is always happy to help.

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